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South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS)
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Providing transport support for people with permanent physical disabilities
which affect their mobility.

Download a copy of the "Application for Membership, South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme"
NB. You will need to print this form to fill it out; it cannot be filled in on-line.

What is the South Astralian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS)?
The South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS) is a State Government subsidised taxi travel program. It is for people with permanent physical disabilities who, because of their disability, have limited mobility and cannot use public transport. It is funded and administered by the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, Public Transport Division.

What benefits are available under the SATSS?

Every six months, Members receive 60 subsidised taxi travel vouchers.
The subsidy applies to the first $30 of a taxi fare.
When using these vouchers, an Ambulant Member (one who is able to walk) pays only 50% of the metered fare while a Wheelchair Member pays only 25%. Their personalised SATSS voucher would cover the rest of the fare.
A Member must cover the full amount of any fare over the $30 maximum limit. (For example, say a fare is $32.50, an Ambulant Member would need to pay $17.50, ie. half the $30 maximum fare which is $15 plus the amount over the $30 limit which is $2.50. Their SATSS voucher would cover the other $15.)
SATSS vouchers can be used anywhere in Australia (see section on Interstate Reciprocity).
Who is eligible for SATSS Membership?
Residents of South Australia, who have severe and permanent physical impairments which limit their mobility, particularly their ability to use public transport, can apply for SATSS Membership. Membership is available to people who meet one or more of the following mobility criteria:
total and permanent dependence on a wheelchair;
severe permanent ambulatory problems resulting from paralysis or necessitating permanent use of large complex walking aids;
permanent inability to negotiate three bus steps 350mm high;
permanent inability to sit in public transport without restraints; and/or
unable to walk more than 100 metres without brief rests.

Who is not eligible for SATSS Membership?
SATSS Membership criteria focuses on an applicant's permanent mobility limitations. Therefore, people whose impairments are mild or moderate, are not of a type which severely limit their mobility or are non permanent, may not be eligible for Membership. The Scheme's focus is on mobility limitations, therefore, blindness or intellectual impairment will not automatically ensure eligibility.

How do I apply for SATSS Membership?
Your Doctor and you will need to fill out the attached application form titled "Application for Membership, South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme". Two passport-size photographs must accompany your application. These photographs are to be head and shoulder colour shots and must be certified on the back by your Doctor or a Justice of Peace. They will be used to produce your photographic identification card if you are eligible for SATSS Membership. Forward your completed application form and photos to SATSS Data Processing Services.

How is SATSS Membership determined?
The Government Medical Officer evaluates your application against set eligibility criteria. Where eligibility is unclear, additional medical information will be sought from your Doctor, Specialist or Rehabilitation Centre. Final responsibility for accepting or rejecting applications for Membership rests with the Government Medical Officer. Applications are usually processed within two weeks of receipt. However, there may be some instances where the process is delayed if further information is required.

SATSS Membership Categories
If you are eligible, you become a "Member" of the scheme in either one of the following categories:

Ambulant Member (ie. those not confined to a wheelchair); or
Wheelchair Member (ie. those confined to a wheelchair).
What happens once I have sent my SATSS application in?
Once your application has been processed you will be advised in writing whether you have been granted SATSS Membership. Those who are granted Membership will then receive a book of vouchers, a photographic identification card and a detailed letter outlining how the scheme works.

Interstate Reciprocity
Since July 1999, Members have been able to use their SATSS vouchers to catch a taxi in any state or territory in Australia. Using your SATSS vouchers interstate is no different to using them here in South Australia. All you have to do is present your green and gold voucher to an interstate taxi driver (after filling out all the relevant details) and you will receive the same subsidy on your fare as you'd receive in South Australia. It's that simple.

Membership Obligations
There are rules in relation to the provision of this scheme. Any breach of these rules may result in cancellation of Membership and legal action being taken.

Where can I get more information about SATSS?
All Doctors' surgeries have been supplied with SATSS application forms plus general information about the scheme. Application forms or further information can also be obtained from:

SATSS Data Processing Services
GPO Box 2830
Telephone: 1300 360 840

The Concessions Administrator
Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, Public Transport Division
GPO Box 1998
Telephone: (08) 8303 0822