Parking Options for People with a Disability permit across the Adelaide CBD


The Disability Services Office, in conjunction with the Adelaide City Council, would like to present to you a "Definitive Guide to Parking for People with a Disabled Person's Parking Permit across the Adelaide CBD"

If you have a Disabled Person's Parking Permit, whether it is temporary or permanent, you have a number of options available to you:
* First, a Disabled Person's Parking Permit is valid for any vehicle provided it is being used for the transportation of the disabled person who is a holder of a permit.

* Having a Disabled Person's Parking Permit displayed in the window allows the vehicle to be parked in disabled persons' parking spaces which are sign posted and have the disabled symbol painted on the road surface or signs covering the area.

* If you have a Disabled Person's Parking Permit, you do have the option of parking in a non-disabled persons' parking space. As long as you display the permit in the window, the vehicle may then be parked in any metered space or time limit space of 15 minutes or more, for 90 minutes more than the time allowed for that space or for double the time that is allowed for that space (whichever of the two is greater in time).

* In conjunction with this, if you have parked on any ticketed kerbside non-disability parking space, you do not have to pay the fee for this park.

Remember, in order to utilise these options your permit must be displayed inside the vehicle as near as possible to the registration label. Sounds confusing? Let's go through a few case studies to help clarify the situation...

Case Study I
Dale wants to go shopping in town on Saturday. He finds a 2P parking space in Hindmarsh Square which will cost him $3.20 for 2 hours; however the space is not a designated disabled parking bay. Dale decides that the parking bay is close enough to his destination and that he will be able to gain access to and from his vehicle. As long as Dale displays his Disabled Person's Parking Permit, he will not have to pay the $3.20 fee for the parking space and he can park in this space for a total of 4 hours instead of the normal 2 hours.

Case Study 2
Joy is having dinner in town with her family on Friday night. Joy has a Disabled Person's Parking Permit, however she does not like to drive at night time so she is taken in to town by her family. As long as Joy is being transported by her family, she can display her Disabled Person's Parking Permit in her family's vehicle and they can utilise the same concessions that Joy gets with her own

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