The objectives and Goals of AiT are to:-

Provide information and support before and after Surgery.
Hospital and Home visits by other Amputees.
Advice on how to contact other services and resources i.e. adjustments to vehicle controls etc.
Advocacy, Information, Education and Social support at support group meetings.
Enhance the quality of life of Amputees, Carers, and their families.
Lobby Governments both State and Federal on behalf of Members
Attend meetings of other disabled groups.
To unite and exchange information with Interstate and Overseas Amputee associations.
Offer amputee experience on equipment usage
Advice on products whether to purchase or hire equipment
Where to purchase equipment
Intermediary between Amputees and their service providers
Promoting your association on this web site
Improve the design of the wheelchair.

AiT offers advice to Amputees from post operative surgery, through rehabilitation to recuperation.

Our advice comes from, personal experience

Focus on your ability - not your disability